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Hello and welcome to Hailstorm, a small tribute and AFL approved fanlisting for Hitsugaya Toushirou of Tite Kubo's anime/manga series Bleach. In a world full of shinigami and malevolent creatures that consume human spirits, Hitsugaya is a member of an elite organization tasked with defending humanity. He is the captain of the Soul Society's Tenth Division and takes his role very seriously despite the easygoing people around him. This website exists to flaunt my love for this tiny powerhouse, as well as to get an in depth look at his character and motivations throughout the course of the series. Please feel free to take a look around, and I hope you enjoy what this site has to offer!
7(+0) fans | September 14th 2020
This tribute is currently under construction. Please excuse any filler or missing pages.
This site contains unmarked spoilers and non-explicit slash content.
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You are currently browsing version three of Hailstorm. The previous version did not age well and neither did it's content, so when I was approved for Hitsugaya's fanlisting, I decided that this entire website needed to be revamped. I found a lovely image of Hitsugaya on minitokyo.net and knew I should use it for the next layout. This one was designed to be more content-based and much easier to read than the previous version. I used resources from paranoiagod69@DA, rosebein@DA, and Subtlepatterns. The fonts used throughout are called Muli and Quicksand.