All about Hailstorm.

The first iteration of Hailstorm was created on August 25, 2011. It wasn't exactly a planned endeavor; it was created on a whim. I had been watching Bleach-themed site after site close down or disappear, and I loved the series and this character so much that if I was going to be the only tribute live, then so be it. xD This website was originally a tiny little thing, before I had an idea of what I wanted my tributes to look like and contain. Honestly, the previous version of the content is rather embarrassing. I let it sit for a long time until I was approved to run the Hitsugaya fanlisting - which kicked my butt into gear to overhaul this tribute and integrate it with the fanlisting. Overall, I'm much happier with it now then I have ever been.

I have always been a huge fan of many anime and manga found in the shounen genre. The very first anime/manga series I discovered and enjoyed was Yu Yu Hakusho, and it was like my gateway drug. My love for Bleach came about later, and wasn't instantaneous. I certainly enjoyed the series, or I would not have kept reading, but I never found myself incredibly attached to any particular character until Hitsugaya was finally introduced. There was this huge shadow of a nefarious inside plot, of something being off, hanging over the Soul Society. What I loved most about Hitsugaya was that he sensed something was wrong and, for the sake of someone he loved, worked tirelessly to uncover the truth. Whether his efforts have any impact on the outcome, he tries and he never wavers and that is all anyone, even a fictional supernatural being, can hope to do. His dedication to those he loves and to his own ideals have always resonated with me, and it is why he is one of my favorite characters.

The name Hailstorm has pretty obvious origins, considering Hitsugaya is the master of an ice dragon. The name could have been anything ice-related, and almost was a myriad of other names, but I eventually chose this one. I wanted it to reflect both his power of ice and his personality, and for that I thought Hailstorm fit the most. Because Hitsugaya might look like a calm, frozen lake or a gently drifting snow, but when he is enraged or in battle, you better take cover. He will rain a merciless icy fury down upon you and destroy both you and everything around you. It's a beautiful and terrifying sight, just like a hailstorm.

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