Basic profile.

Family name: Hitsugaya
Given name: Toushirou
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (though considered young for a shinigami)
Birthday: December 20
Height: 133 cm (4'4")
Weight: 28 kg (62 lbs)
Relatives: Grandmother
Occupation: Shinigami - 10th Division Captain
Voice (Japanese): Romi Paku
Voice (English): Steve Saley
Manga Debut: Chapter 81
Anime Debut: Episode 24

Tenth Division Captain.

Affiliation: Gotei 13, Soul Society
Occupation: Captain
Squad: 10th Division
Lieutenant: Matsumoto Rangiku
Known Members: Takezoe Koukichirou (7th seat,) Nagamoso Shutetsu (zanjutsu instructor)
Operation Base: 10th Division HQ, Seireitei, Soul Society
Hitsugaya currently acts as the Captain of the Tenth Division, a group of shinigami formed to destroy Hollows and protect humans as well as Soul Society residents. It is unknown if the Tenth Division has any special duties, as some squads do, beyond the standard task of defending souls and Seireitei.

His second-in-command is Matsumoto Rangiku, an easygoing woman of formidable power. She technically shares an office with him, but is more likely to be found lounging on the office sofa or hiding alcohol in her Captain's desk rather than doing paperwork and other menial daily tasks. Unfortunately, this means these tasks are left to Hitsugaya.

Like most Gotei 13 squads, the Tenth Division has their own barracks, where the shinigami from the division both work and live. According to the Seireitei Communication (the series' fictional Soul Society magazine, as seen in the Color Bleach+: The Bleach Official Bootleg book) his division is considered an excellent place to be, as he is a thoughtful leader known for taking care of his recruits. Hitsugaya's only requirement for new recruits is that they do their job, though Matsumoto seems more interested in finding people who will drink with her. Ukitake recommends this division to those who want to continue improving their abilities, stating that Hitsugaya is the type of Captain who "keeps soldiering on no matter what you throw at him." The Shinigami Womens' Association recommends this division for those who treasure their friends, as Hitsugaya greatly approves of those who enlist their friends, stating that his division is for kind and thoughtful shinigami.

We know very little of the Tenth Division's members aside from Hitsugaya and Matsumoto. The only other members seen that actually have names are Takezoe Koukichirou, the division's seventh seat who can sometimes be seen doing menial tasks like delivering messages or papers, and Nagamoso Shutetsu, who can be found teaching squad members zanjutsu, or techniques for using their zanpakutou in shikai form.